That these images were taken and processed using an iPhone is a matter of fact rather than of any importance. I’m more concerned that the viewer is engaged with the image and, to paraphrase Man Ray, asks why rather than how.

My photographs are almost exclusively portraits. Emotional connection is the principal aspect of any picture that I take or look at, and whilst I love the beauty of nature, I rarely feel compelled to take a landscape photograph.

I’m greatly influenced by artists such as Kristamas Klousch and Francesca Woodman. Other influences includes the music of David Sylvian and Joanna Newsom, and the writing of Haruki Murakami.

I live in Derbyshire, England and work as an independent bookshop manager at Scarthin Books of Cromford.  I have two wonderful children and partner Eve (who features in all of my portraits).  


Self-portrait © David Booker 2017

“Taking in all these beautiful dream-like moments has truly inspired me… I feel very humbled and speechless by David’s work”

Kristamas Klousch (Artist)

“(David’s) exquisite images imprint upon your mind and your heart and stay with you for a very long time”

Susan Tuttle (Photographer & Author)

“I truly admire David’s work… his photos are such an inspiration”

Ingrid Chavez (Musician & Poet)

“David has always pushed the boundaries of transgression in his mysterious, often erotic portraits”

Daniel Berman (MPA Founder)

“Booker’s photographs…are so intimate that it feels as though we are viewing self-portraiture. He mixes elements of theatre and mysterious performances that play on the instability of identity”

Joanne Carter (Journalist for the BBC, Vogue Italia, The App Whisperer & Lens Culture)