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Giclée* images, supplied professionally printed (by The Print Space, Kingsland Road, London) on 308g.s.m. Hahnemuhle Photorag, a heavy art paper, with a fibrous finish.  

david booker 1 .JPGdavid booker 3.JPGdavid booker5.JPGdavid booker 2.JPGdavid booker 6.JPGdavid booker 4.JPGdavid booker 10-c65.JPGdavid booker 8.JPGdavid booker 9.JPGdavid booker 11.JPGdavid booker 12.JPGdavid booker 13.JPGdavid booker 15.JPGdavid booker 16.JPGdavid booker 17.JPGdavid booker 18.JPGdavid booker 21.JPGdavid booker 22.JPGdavid booker 7.jpgdavid booker red.JPGnorthend8.jpgIMG_3298.JPGIMG_2746.JPGnorthend18.JPGIMG_2694.JPGIMG_2695.JPGIMG_2697.JPGIMG_2700.JPGIMG_1912.JPGIMG_1917.JPGdavid booker the light.JPGdavid booker light two.JPGeve david booker 1.JPGeve david booker 2.JPGeve david booker 3.JPGphoto copy 65.JPGphoto.JPGphoto copy 67.JPGphoto copy 68.JPGdavidbooker3 copy.JPGdavid booker mask.JPGdavidbookerblemish.JPGdavid booker red 1.JPGdavidbooker31.JPGiphoneography.JPGdavidbooker32.JPGdavidbooker2.JPGdavid booker 1.JPGphoto 1 copy 11.JPGphoto copy 61.JPGphoto copy 42.JPGdavid booker.JPGdavidbooker4.JPGdavidbookerblemishedeye36.JPGdavid booker blemished eye.JPGphoto 3 copy 5.JPGphoto copy 50.JPGantlers david booker blemished eye.JPGc61-photo 2 copy 5.JPGphoto copy 41.JPGphoto copy 44.JPGiPhoneography by David BookeriPhoneography by David BookeriPhoneography by David BookeriPhoneography by David Booker
PRINT size is 25 x 25 cm on 29 x 32 cm photorag paper.


Each print has been signed by the artist.



*The word Giclée (“g-clay”) is derived from the French verb gicler meaning “to squirt or spray”. Giclée is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining pigment based inks with high quality archival paper to achieve prints of superior production, light fastness and stability.